Saturday, February 20, 2010

Helios Network Media Player Information

Please note that the firm that made Helios X5000 network multimedia player shutdown its operations sometime in 2008. The firm was originally called NeoDigits, had its website at Subsequently, the website was renamed as Their customer service was excellent. Currently, the only websites that are up are and I tried to contact both these websites without any response. In addition, I tried to contact Hantz+Partner at to seek their permission to publish the following support material without any success.

This was an innovative product. Perhaps the first digital multimedia player of its kind. All you had to do was to run a multimedia server (for instance, Microsoft Media Center or NeoLink Server) on a networked computer and Helios digital player hardware would connect to the computer over the network to play the multimedia content through your music system and TV. Now there are several such networked multimedia players available in the market made by Netgear, D-Link and LinkSys. The company was ahead of its times. It did not have enough capital to provide continuous technical innovation and solve complex technical problems that customers were facing. In addition, the company ran into branding issues and it had to change its name twice to stay in business. The market was not ready to accept such a technologically advanced product.

I haven't tried Helios X5000 Network Media Player with Microsoft Media Center on Windows 7 but I believe that it should work. However, if you want to use Helios Server, which was called Helios NeoLink Server, I'm providing download links below. This NeoLink Server is installed on a networked PC to serve digital multmedia content. The operation is similar to age-old client/server paradigm.

These NeoLink Server files are stored at MediaFire file sharing service. Please ignore the ads from MediaFire. I guess this annoyance may be worth the benefit of free storage. If it is not, please leave me a comment and I'll try to find a better file sharing service. Here are the download links:

  1. Helios NeoLink Server version 1.2
  2. Helios NeoLink Server version 1.3 (Works with Windows XP)
  3. Helios NeoLink Server version 1.4 (Certified to work with Windows XP and Vista)
Below are links to download additional Helios X5000 Digital Network Media Player related documentation and support stuff. These files are stored at

  1. Helios X5000 Network Media Player Product Brochure
  2. Helios X5000 Network Media Player Comparison Data Sheet
  3. Helios X5000 Network Media Player Manual
  4. Helios X5000 Network Media Player Quick Start Guide
  5. Helios X5000 Network Media Player How-to Guide
If you are planning to upgrade the firmware of your Helios media player, you may want to review my firmware upgrade page here.

The picture below shows how to check the firmware version, if you are planning to upgrade the firmware. Please refer to the firmware upgrade page for additional details.


  1. ths! for your hoobby!

    just bought a x5000 "new, open box" on ebay…
    the unit appears new...spotlessly clean, sleek and tough!
    however, it does not boot up...upon powering it jumps from a boot display to a load display in a bout 5 seconds...
    the remote is Helios, but not as depicted in the manuals, about 2/3 the size and the buttons configured differently...
    the remote does not operate the x5000 in any capacity, the x5000 faceplate buttons do not activate or terminate any functions expect for power...and the disc tray door does not open, seemingly like a solid part of the chasis…
    the last observation is that the antennae port seems loose???

    got any thoughts on how to proceed????...the correct remote would be a start...but that would probably not impact the boot problem...

    a penny for your thoughts...

    kind regards, -kevin-

    1. Sorry for delay in responding. I don't check it often. DVD drive could be dysfunctional. Otherwise it seems fine to me. But you would need to connect it to a TV monitor to see what is going on.

  2. Is there any way to connect to a Macintosh computer with OSX? When running the server software on a PC can you control the unit from the computer, for example choose songs or playlists to play from the computer interface that then play through the Helios unit?

    1. Interesting question. I don't think the Helios server software is available for Macintosh OSX. However, you could run WINE (available on WineHQ) on MAC and install Helios server on top of WINE. I haven't tried it but believe it should work.

      Your other question is whether you can control what is being streamed into Helios from your computer. The straight answer to your second question is that you can't do that since Helios X5000 output connects to a TV and and the purpose is to allow control through a remote. But you could do that in a hokey kind of manner. For this you would use your PC as a TV terminal for Helios X5000. There are several adapters and software that you you can find in the market that allow a PC accept an HDMI input and display it in a PC window. You would split the output of Helios X5000 using HDMI splitter. One output will go into your TV or receiver and the other output will go to your PC. Now PC will be acting as a dumb terminal (similar to TV) for Helios X5000. In order to control Helios X5000 using your PC keyboard, you will need to create some macros so that you can generate the same IR signals that are generated by the remote. This would be a very complicated stuff. I'd rather use an AppleTV and iTunes. Together these two can achieve the same outcome that you are looking for with lot less trouble. All the best.